The New Zealand Herald Brand Insight

The University of Auckland Business School and The New Zealand Herald have formed a partnership to produce a series of articles and video interviews featuring our academic staff, alumni and students to provide insight into important business issues in New Zealand.  

  • World hungry for NZ apple flour
    18 October 2016
    A revolutionary apple-based flour developed at the University of Auckland could be on the local market next year - as international demand skyrockets.
  • 'Rebel' students to beat robots
    10 October 2016
    Teaching creative thinking is needed in primary schools to help prevent people being replaced by robots.
  • Eyesight breakthrough helps kids to learn
    03 October 2016
    A major breakthrough in detecting eyesight problems in very young children has been made with revolutionary eye technology invented at the University of Auckland.
  • Online shopping tax unenforceable
    26 September 2016
    The new tax imposing GST on all online purchases of digital services is unenforceable and doesn't fully protect bricks-and-mortar retailers anyway, according to senior university tax law lecturer Mark Keating.
  • Millennial women rule consumer world in China
    10 September 2016
    If there's one thing the University of Auckland's 50 MBA students learned in Shanghai last week it was this: millennial women in China rule the consumer world, especially for foreign brands.
  • Sports stars may face lawsuits over tattoos
    05 September 2016
    New Zealand's most famously tattooed sports stars, like Sonny Bill Williams and Brendon McCullum, could face legal battles if changes aren't made to copyright laws, says University of Auckland Associate Professor Alex Sims.
  • MBA students attempt to conquer China
    03 September 2016
    50 University of Auckland MBA students are tackling the complex China market on behalf of New Zealand business clients, a project unlike any other MBA course. Sarah Stuart reports.
  • Kiwis pay too much in GST
    29 August 2016
    It's GST's 30th birthday and a leading university lecturer says it's time to address the imbalance caused by the consumption tax in New Zealand's overall tax system.
  • Time to confront Auckland's biggest issues
    22 August 2016
    The Ballot Box Series, which begins on 30 August, will bring together business leaders, economists, academics, policy analysts and entrepreneurs.
  • Kiwi disease fighter to come home
    15 August 2016
    From his office looking out across San Francisco Bay, New Zealand bio-scientist and entrepreneur Graeme Fielder is playing his part in combatting some of the world's rarest life-threatening disease.
  • Bird call helps build international business
    08 August 2016
    The haunting call of the kokako reminds Californian-based Kiwi entrepreneur Alexei Dunayev where he began in his quest to help computers understand the human voice.
  • Face-to-face better than on-screen learning
    01 August 2016
    The University of Auckland Business School is designing new programmes to help executives deal with the weighty issues of big data, digitisation of business and artificial intelligence.
  • NZ business on its own in face of Europe terror
    26 July 2016
    The latest series of international "shocks" - the truck attack in Nice, the mall shootings in Munich, an attempted coup in Turkey, massacres in the US and Brexit have alarmed the world.
  • Where the former Mediaworks boss went wrong
    18 July 2016
    The public vilification of MediaWorks' former chief executive Mark Weldon serves as a reminder to business leaders that it is crucial to have staff on board during organisational change.
  • Power to, and from, the people
    11 July 2016
    The next disaster for your brand may be just around the corner - because disaster is just a few keystrokes away, says Dr Bodo Lang, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Auckland Business School.
  • Fail first and fast to succeed
    05 July 2016
    More New Zealand businesses need to use the "fast-fail" strategy when they start up, as Transfercar chief executive Brian Karlson discovered from personal experience.
  • IT grads need more than skill
    27 June 2016
    New Zealand's next generation of IT graduates can't simply rely on technical aptitude to get jobs.
  • What happens when you can't see your money
    21 June 2016
    Cash and currency are now facing their biggest transformations yet as the digitisation of money gathers pace.
  • Robots to take over from bees
    13 June 2016
    A multi-purpose robot which will partly do the pollination job of bees is under development as part of a research programme involving the University of Auckland.
  • Newborn babies given sugar
    06 June 2016
    Sugar has been painted as a nutritional villain - but is now being dabbed on the inside of newborns' cheeks to prevent thousands of babies being admitted to intensive care.