Business School

Why study International Business?

International Business is concerned with firms that do not limit their operations to a single nation. It asks why these firms exist, how they succeed in the complex and changeable international environment, and what their activities mean for the countries in which they do business.

What you will learn

You will examine how business organisations operate in an international environment and gain an understanding of the development and implementation of strategy, managerial activities, and organisational issues relating to cross-border activities.


Areas of study

Areas of study include the challenges of managing international companies, both large and small; the fundamentals of strategic management; cross-cultural management; globalisation; Asia, Europe, and the Americas; and the regulation and politics of international business.

Postgraduate study will prepare you for the challenges of today’s complex global business environment – devoid of geographic boundaries due to factors like electronic communication, global distribution networks, and a globalised financial system. You will learn how organisations operate in different countries at the same time, and how vital it is to understand different cultures, politics, and economic environments.

If your goal is to improve the performance of businesses competing in a rapidly changing global marketplace, the Master of International Business programme will enrich your appreciation of global business as well as expose you to ideas that help you face the challenges of globalisation more successfully.


Career opportunities

All areas of management in internationally active organisations and institutions with whom they cooperate, such as exporters, global consumer or industrial goods manufacturers, financial service providers, travel and tourism operators, trade promotion agencies, and development agencies.

Postgraduate study will open up career opportunities at the more senior levels of academia, management and government.


Programmes available

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
The BCom offers International Business as a single major or as a double major alongside one of the other majors offered within the BCom. It is recommended that it is studied in a double major combination. You can also study the Bachelor of Commerce in International Business as part of a conjoint degree programme where you study for two degrees at once.

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)
The BCom(Hons) in International Business consists of one year of full-time postgraduate study following the Bachelor of Commerce degree. Entry is based on superior grades in the subject area in the relevant undergraduate courses.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
As a general rule you need to have successfully completed either the bachelors honours degree or masters degree with superior grades to be considered for a PhD in International Business.