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Chris is Associate Professor and Head of Department at the University of Auckland Business School's Department of Commercial Law.

Chris teaches and researches on trade, competition and company law. He has published a number of articles in these areas and has a particular interest in international competition law. Chris acted as an advisor to a number of international organisations and governments on trade matters.

Research | Current

  • International Competition Law
  • World Trade Organisation
  • Regional Economic Integration

Teaching | Current

  • LAWCOMM706 Trans-Jurisdictional Issues in Competition Law and Policy
  • LAWCOMM 762 Regulation of International Trade

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Noonan, C. G. (2013). Bad Poynter: International Cartels and Territorial Jurisdiction. New Zealand Business Law Quarterly, 19 (2), 138-168.
  • Noonan, C. G. (2013). Slaughterhouse Rules: The Purpose of a Provision in the Commerce Act 1986. New Zealand Business Law Quarterly, 19 (4).
  • Noonan, C. G. (2011). Trade Negotiations with the Pacific Islands: Promise, Process and Prognosis. New Zealand Yearbook of International Law, 9, 241-283.
  • Noonan, C. G., & Watson, S. M. (2010). Defining Directorship. Australian Journal of Corporate Law, 25, 5-26.
  • Noonan, C. G. (2008). The Emerging Principles of International Competition Law. Oxford: Oxford University Press, Oxford. Pages: 639.
  • Noonan, C. G., & Watson, S. M. (2008). Examining Company Directors through the Lens of De Facto Directorship. Journal of Business Law, (7), 587-626.
  • Noonan, C. G. (2007). The extraterritorial application of New Zealand competition law. New Zealand Universities Law Review, 22 (3), 369-431.
  • Noonan, C. G., & Watson, S. M. (2006). The nature of shadow directorship: ad hoc statutory intervention or core company law principle?. Journal of Business Law, Dec, 763-798.

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