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Laurence Murphy is Professor of Property at The University of Auckland Business School and was Head of the Department of Property from 2003-2009.

He has published widely on property topics including; home ownership, social rental housing, mortgage securitisation, office development, the institutional evolution of listed property trusts, finance capital and entrepreneurial urban governance.

He held a Visiting Professorship at Trinity College Dublin in 2009 and in 2010 he was appointed Acting-Director of "Transforming Auckland: Institutional, Technological and Cultural Innovations for Sustainable Cities", one of three Thematic Research Initiatives (TRI) established by The University of Auckland. In May 2010 he was elected an Eminent Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) on the basis of his "services to the property industry in New Zealand", "leadership of the Department of Property at The University of Auckland Business School" and "distinguished international research record".

He was the principal Investigator of a Royal Society Marsden Fund project entitled "(Extra)Ordinary Auckland: Exploring local meanings and understandings of globalisation" and has been involved in several major research projects funded by the Centre for Housing Research Aotearoa/New Zealand (CHRANZ). Dr Murphy completed his PhD in Urban Economic Geography at the University of Dublin (Trinity College).

He has held lecturing posts at Trinity College Dublin, Queen's University Belfast and the London School of Economics.

Research | Current

  • Finance capital and the built environment
  • Globalisation and world cities
  • Housing finance
  • Housing policy and urban change

Selected publications and creative works (Research Outputs)

  • Hamzah, H., & Murphy, L. (2014). The role of institutions in sustaining mandatory low-income housing. Pacific Rim Property Research Journal, 20 (2), 129-144.
  • Murphy, L. (2014). 'Houston, we've got a problem': The Political Construction of a Housing Affordability Metric in New Zealand. Housing Studies.
  • Murphy, L. D. (2013). The Political Construction of Housing Affordability Problems and Solutions in New Zealand. Paper presented at Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) 2013 Annual International Conference, London, UK. 27 August - 30 August 2013.
  • Murphy, L. D., & Rehm, M. J. (2013). Inclusionary Zoning and Brownfield Residential Development: A Feasibility Study. , 1-45.
  • Murphy, L. D. (2013). Price Dynamics in Medium Density Housing. Paper presented at Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference 2013, Melbourne. 13 January - 16 January 2013.
  • Haarhoff, E. J., Beattie, L., Dixon, J., Dupuis, A., Lysnar, P., & Murphy, L. (2013). Future Intensive: Obstacles and opportunities to achieving compact urban form in Auckland. Paper presented at State of Australian Cities National Conference, Sydney. 26 November - 29 November 2013.
  • Murphy, L. D., & McGuirk, P. (2013). 'Super-rich' Irish property developers and the Celtic Tiger economy. In I. Hay (Ed.) Geographies of the Super-Rich (pp. 77-93). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
  • Haarhoff, E. J., Beattie, L., Dixon, J., Dupuis, A., Lysnar, & Murphy, L. (2012). Future Intensive: Insights for Auckland's Housing. , 1-296.

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