Our social media guidelines

At the University of Auckland Business School we are passionate about using new media to create a space where our staff, students, alumni and friends can connect, discuss and share events, stories and academic insights.

To ensure a safe and collaborative community exists on our social media platforms, we have created some community guidelines.

Any comments that are not in line with our guidelines will be deleted and the commenter will potentially be removed from the social media platform. 


No trolls please.

We are proud to have a diverse range of students, staff, alumni and friends from all over the world. Everyone in this diverse community has the right to feel safe and included.

Comments must be respectful of disability, gender, culture, race, sexuality and age.


So our community can feel confident that our social media platforms will deliver Business School content relevant to them, we reserve the right to remove posts or comments that are not relevant to our audience.


If you wouldn’t say it in a tutorial, don’t say it online!

No swearing. No spam. No breaking the law. No abuse. No threats. No inappropriate images. No sexual content. No defaming our staff or students. No offensive behaviour.


No content on our social media platforms may be reproduced in any material form without permission from the University of Auckland Business School or as permitted under the Copyright Act 1994.

In other words, please email us and ask before you repurpose our content.

Feel free to contact us with anything social media related on bizmarketing@auckland.ac.nz