Our development priorities

The Business School relies on strong and ongoing support from alumni, friends, corporations and foundations to achieve its wider objectives. Find out about our current development priorities.

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) exists to nurture business-savvy scientists, engineers, technologists and creative professionals. It is doing this by developing an entrepreneurial curriculum in the Business School that is built on experiential learning and which draws on the expertise and insights of both School faculty and the business community.

CIE initiatives include:

  • Inspiring and motivating students with presentations by outstanding business leaders; an Entrepreneur-in-Residence programme; an "eAcademy" for faculty not located in the Business School.
  • Educating students by creating new curricula in innovation and commercialisation; developing a portfolio of project-linked internships and experiential programmes.
  • Networking students through open forums that engage with industry.
  • Engaging them in the UABS Entrepreneurs’ Challenge.

Gifts to the CIE can be used to support:

  • The Centre director, director of flexible learning and other academic appointments.
  • Curriculum development and delivery.
  • Experiential learning programmes.
  • Research into innovation and commercialisation.
  • The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Programme.
  • Velocity, Chiasma and other student-run initiatives.
  • The Entrepreneurs’ Challenge.
  • A networking hub to support the entrepreneurial community.

Donations may be set aside to endow individual appointments and activities, or made available for unrestricted use by the CIE.

Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship website

The New Zealand Asia Institute

The New Zealand Asia Institute (NZAI) helps New Zealand companies to understand and engage with Asia through tailored and collaborative research, education and exchange programmes. Its goal is to become a leading research centre on Asia in the Pacific Rim.

NZAI initiatives include:

  • Creating the New Zealand Asia Information Service, the country’s most comprehensive online database of material on Asia-New Zealand relations.
  • A large-scale research project to identify successful strategies among large corporations, SMEs and Māori companies engaging with Asia.
  • Related research on Asian investment in New Zealand companies and on Asian companies becoming active in New Zealand.
  • Collaborative research on critical issues in Asia with other leading researchers and institutes in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • A postgraduate scholarship for Asian students to undertake research under the auspices of NZAI.

Gifts to the New Zealand Asia Institute can be used to support:

  • The establishment of postgraduate scholarships.
  • Research projects and academic teaching initiatives.
  • Faculty chairs, professorships and other academic positions.

Donations may also be made available for unrestricted use by the New Zealand Asia Institute.

New Zealand Asia Institute website