Doctoral publication success in 2013

14 October 2013

Every year, the Business School encourages and supports PhD students in their efforts to publish papers in quality refereed journals by awarding Doctoral Publication Awards. These are awarded to students who have submitted an article to a journal for consideration and to those who have successfully had their article published.

Congratulations to the following students who received a Doctoral Publication Award and had their article published in a journal during 2013:

Alan Toy (A&F): "Different Planets or Parallel Universes: Old and New Paradigms for Information Privacy"
New Zealand Universities Law Review (A Journal)

Patricia Sullivan (ComLaw): "Online Shopping and Consumers — Is Conduct More Important than Communication in Contract Formation?"
New Zealand Business Law Quarterly Review, (A Journal)

Koteswara Ivaturi (ISOM): "Social Engineering Preparedness of Online Banks: An Asia-Pacific Perspective"
Co-author Dr Lech Janczewski
Journal of Global Information Technology Management (B Journal)

Samsul Islam (ISOM): "Truck-sharing challenges for hinterland trucking companies: A perspective of the empty container truck trips problem"
Co-author Professor Tava Olsen
Business Process Management Journal (B Journal)

Mariaelena Huambachano (MIB): "Carbon Emissions Scheme: Analysis of the Impact of the New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme on the Agribusiness Value Chain"
International Journal of Environmental Sustainability (C Journal)

Michelle Hunting (Marketing): "I’m No Tree-hugger! The Identities Those Living Sustainably Reject, Adopt and Aspire to Have"
Co-author Denise Conroy
The International Journal of Sustainability Policy (C Journal)