Research impact at marketing symposium

14 October 2013
Marketing masters student Amrita Lal at the MARS Masters Symposium

Marketing masters student Amrita Lal attended the Marketing, Advertising, Retailing and Sales (MARS) Masters Symposium, hosted by AUT in September.

The purpose of the symposium was to bring together top thesis students researching marketing, advertising, retailing or sales topics to exchange ideas, network with peers and present their research to a collegial audience.

University students from all around New Zealand were invited to submit an abstract to the symposium organisers for consideration. Ten masters students from around the country were then selected to take part in presenting their research to a panel of experts.

Each thesis student was given the opportunity to showcase their research to date in a 20-minute presentation to fellow students and academic staff. The judging panel included Professor Richard Bagozzi (University of Michigan), Professor Andrew Parsons (AUT), and Associate Professor Paul Ballantine (University of Canterbury).

Two top awards were presented at the MARS Masters Symposium – the Best Presentation Award and the Research Impact Award. Amrita was awarded the Research Impact Award for 2013 for her presentation titled Customer Resource Integration: Product reviews on beauty blogs. Amrita’s research examines how customers draw together different resources when posting a product review on a beauty blog.

Amrita said: “The conference was a fantastic experience for me to talk about my research to a group of people who were not only interested in what I was doing, but actually understood it.

“I was thrilled that I won this award for research impact, because I spent a lot of time selecting my topic and thinking about the ways in which I could contribute to the field. It was also great for me to build experience and gain confidence speaking to a group of academics and fellow students.”