Smita advances in International Management

11 March 2014
Cathedral in Milan

MIB PhD student Smita Paul spent the beginning of her summer travelling to SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan to present at the Advances in International Management (AIM) Workshop. The theme of the workshop for 2013 was “Orchestration of the Global Network Organization.” Participants were required to present their research, which had the potential to be submitted to the 2013 volume of AIM, one of the most downloaded business and management research publications.

Smita presented a paper that she had co-authored with her main supervisor, Professor Snejina Michailova. The paper discussed how MNC intra-firm relationships can be conceptualised with regards to multiplexity and temporality. The conference required Smita to be well prepared, as she was required to not only present but also comment on other’s work, which she had received in advance.

Smita and Snejina’s paper was one of those selected to be published in AIM, a research annual dedicated to advancing knowledge on IM with an emphasis on interdisciplinary inquiry. Smita felt that the feedback she received from other speakers at the conference was hugely influential in the paper being accepted for publishing.

Smita felt that the conference was an invaluable experience for a number of reasons. Not only did it result in a publication but also “I had a fantastic opportunity to network with a number of highly prominent scholars in my field [and] I was involved in discussions on the current and emerging scholarly conversations in the field of international business and my specific research field of MNC business networks.”

After the conference, Smita travelled to Aalto University in Helsinki where her PhD adviser is a professor in the Department of Management and International Business. While there, she was invited to give a guest lecture on her research to their graduate students. She also had the opportunity to discuss research issues with her adviser in person and meet other PhD students in her field.

On her way back to Auckland, Smita stopped off in Singapore and visited her target MNC to achieve data access and carry out data collection. “On the whole, the entire trip was amazing and I would strongly encourage others to utilise the opportunities and grants that the University of Auckland Postgraduate Office and your department offers.”