How career ready are you?

19 May 2014
Careers Manager Michelle Daly
Careers Manager Michelle Daly

As the middle of the year is fast approaching, some of you may already be thinking what you will do at the end of your studies. If you haven’t thought about your job search strategies, your application documents, your online profile or what employers want, now is the time to start.

Take a quick test to find out how career ready you are:

  • Have you got an up-to-date CV?
  • Have you got a professional online profile?
  • Do you know who your target list of potential employers are?
  • Do you have recent work or voluntary experience?
  • Do you know the five key things employers look for?
  • Do you have an elevator pitch?

If you have answered “no” to more than two of these questions you should visit our website, attend a workshop or see a dedicated Career Development Consultant in the Business School ASB Careers Centre or at the ClockTower.

The Business School Careers Centre will be delivering a range of services in the coming months. Look out for them on the weekly “Bizstudent” Cecil announcements. More information specific for postgraduate students is available on the University Career Development and Employment Services website There where you will also find a link to Auckland CareerHub where you can book an appointment to see a Career Development Consultant in the Business School or ClockTower.

There are also a range of resources for you to look at and improve your employability:

  • Goinglobal
  • Interview Stream (online mock interviews)
  • Vitae UK (for researchers and PhD students)

Now is the time to start preparing - don’t leave it too late or you may miss out on opportunities.

Michelle Daly
Careers Manager