Research and assignment help – an invitation

19 May 2014
Postgraduate students
  • Who has cited the articles most relevant to my research?
  • Do I have access to the 2013 census data?
  • How do I know the rankings of the journals in my subject area?
  • I’m sure there must be more scholarly literature on my topic. How do I search beyond Google Scholar?
  • Are you sure a database called Science Direct is relevant to my research?
  • I need equities data for Asian markets from 1990 onwards. Where could I find this?

These are the types of queries the Business Librarians help answer every day. Skilled and experienced in finding quality information and data, your subject librarian can help so much with your ability to find the information you need in a timely manner. They can also help you with managing that information and staying current with the latest literature in your area of research.

It is easy to make an appointment to meet for a consultation. Either email us or come to the Business Information Centre, Room 201, Level 2, Owen G Glenn Building, to discuss your information and data needs.

Accounting and Finance Lucy Dong,
Economics Camille Tooman,
Statistics Lucy Dong,
ISOM Manuhiri Huatahi,
Management and International Business Margaret Tibbles,
Marketing Justene McNeice,
Property Manuhiri Huatahi,

We look forward to meeting you.

The Business Librarians