Parastoo's globetrotting

19 August 2014
PhD candidate Parastoo Samiei
PhD candidate Parastoo Samiei

Information Systems PhD candidate Parastoo Samiei embarked on an around the globe trip earlier this year to present her research at two conferences in Milan and Hawaii.

Parastoo began her journey by attending a pre-conference workshop of the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) held in Milan. She presented her research at the forum and gathered great feedback from the panel. However, she felt that the main benefit of the conference came from the informal conversations with her peers. “One of my peers from a Canadian university exposed me to a line of research which I can use to deepen my data analysis,” she said.

While Parastoo did not present her research at ICIS, she acted as a volunteer student on the coordinating team in the interview room. The ICIS is considered the most prestigious gathering of academics in the information systems discipline and is one of the biggest job markets where all the big universities interview their candidates. Parastoo felt this experience gave her invaluable insight into the job interview process for when she enters the job market herself.

Parastoo’s journey then continued onto Hawaii, where she presented her research at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). She was surprised at the huge audience that turned out to hear her presentation.

“It gave me the impression that my research subject (online customer review) has big potential. Both experiences were exceptionally rewarding and helped me to push my career one step further.”

Inspired by this experience, Parastoo has recently been selected as one of 40 information systems students from around the world, to attend the IS Doctoral Consortium at ICIS in 2014. She is also acting as a reviewer for the upcoming HICSS conference.

“I am grateful for the support I got from my supervisor, the ISOM department, and the funding that I have been granted from the Business School.”

The 2014 ICIS conference will be hosted here at the University of Auckland Business School in December.