Radhouane reports back from Morocco

19 August 2014
City of Marrakesh

ISOM PhD candidate Radhouane Jrad had recently passed the provisional year of his PhD and was searching for his next challenge.

With one publication already under his belt, he decided to submit a research paper and a doctoral paper to the IEEE Eighth International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science (RCIS). RCIS attempts to address research challenges in information systems through dissemination of knowledge, sharing of experiences, and presentation of state-of-the-art solutions to current challenges in the IS field.

Radhouane saw this conference as an opportunity to validate any new theoretical concepts contained in his research proposal. “These RCIS papers reflect the new knowledge I am intending to build my research on, and that makes them critical to my PhD,” he said.

Both of Radhouane’s papers were accepted for presentation at the conference, and he packed his bags and headed for the beautiful city of Marrakesh in Morocco where the RCIS conference was being held. At the conference, he was given the opportunity to present and discuss his papers and research, and received valuable and encouraging feedback.

While Radhouane enjoyed his time in Marrakesh immensely, the jetlag from his 48-hour trip back to New Zealand was an undocumented challenge that he had to face.

“The fact that the papers were accepted and the fact that the feedback was positive represent a significant step forward for my research and a boost of confidence for me. I would like to thank my supervisor and the University of Auckland for the immense support both before and after submission of the papers.”