PhD Writing Retreat

03 June 2016

PhD Writer’s Retreat

Applications are open for the 2016 PhD Writing Retreat that will be held from 12-14 July 2016 at Vaughan Park Retreat Centre in Long Bay. Emeritus Professor Kerr Inkson has again agreed to facilitate the retreat.

This writing retreat is tailored for enrolled doctoral students in their post-provisional year and have demonstrated a clear intent to use the retreat as an opportunity to complete a chapter of their research or an article for publication.

Professor Inkson will provide helpful tips on publishing and collaborating with other scholars. He will also analyse writing samples for each participant and offer individual feedback in one-on-one sessions. We will finish the writing retreat with a three-minute thesis competition and a quiz night.

Comments from previous participants of the writing retreat:

James Costello, Department of Management and International Business
“I found the writer’s retreat to be very worthwhile. As I am a native English speaker, my grammar and general writing skills are passable. However, Professor Inkson was still able to point out many minor improvements to punctuation and sentence structure that contributed greatly. Most importantly, he also suggested my article fundamentally lacked general interest and appeal, causing me to re-think my approach. The end result was a journal publication. I doubt this would have happened without Professor Inkson’s advice.”

Theophilus Azungah, Department of Management and International Business
“Professor Inkson has the mechanics of reducing your entire page written piece to half focussing essentially on your key concepts and knitting your ideas into a concerted whole. Professor Inkson is synonymous to succinctness and parsimony, which are key ingredients to scholarly work.”

Loic Li, Department of Marketing
“The serene environment by the seaside offers a fantastic opportunity to refresh my mind and focus on my thesis writing. Professor Inkson’s meticulous scholarship and lucid explanations have demystified the English language and revealed the tacit rules and hidden expectations in academic writing. I simply enjoyed this delightful and rewarding experience.”


If you are interested in attending the 2016 PhD Writing Retreat, please complete the PhD Retreat Application Form and return the completed form to your Departmental Group Services Administrator by Monday 6 June.

PhD Retreat Application Form

PhD Retreat Application Form
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