After 5’s with Dame Wendy Pye

19 June 2017

The Centre for Supply Chain Management had the pleasure of hosting an After 5’s event in April with Dame Wendy Pye, founder of educational publishing company Sunshine Books.

Dame Wendy has had an extremely successful career mainly within the publishing world. She has worked very hard over many years to become well established globally. Her reputation is still accelerating, not only within the educational sector but also in the digital and technology side of the industry.

The Sunshine Books group has helped and supported literacy via the internet around the world. They have the world reading with over 900 book titles with over 2,000 skill activities.

These are available in England, Spain, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Russia.

Sunshine is an online platform offering essential digital literacy programmes to schools and parents. Sunshine has been awarded highly in the US which is linked with their core standards of education.

Sunshine have more recently established a new partnership across China with foreign language teaching and research. Their vision is for Sunshine to be used in both the classroom teaching and for home reading. It also has the focus to get children excited about reading and to make a difference in their lives nationwide.

Dame Wendy’s address underlined the importance of the supply chain both locally and in the international market. She underlines the importance to work as a partnership in interesting places around the world which has a need for this service. Dame Wendy highlighted the many supply chain challenges of a developing world market for New Zealand, and the investments needed with services like the internet which is still very new in many parts of the world.

Dame Wendy made it very clear that if we handled our supply chain services in the right way there are still many opportunities out there but we have to work very hard and spend a great deal of time  in foreign markets to establish ourselves.

We all went away with a great deal of useful information and thought provoking ideas on how we should be considering our supply chain services for the future no matter what industry we are in.