Field visit to MIT School of Culinary and Hospitality Studies

19 June 2017

The Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) hosted an interesting and informative field visit on 17 May to the Manukau Institute of Technology School of Culinary and Hospitality Studies.

We learnt how the school’s programme trains students from entry level to senior management for a career in this important and expanding supply chain industry. It also focused on the importance of research and the building of partnerships between their operations and market requirements.

They highlighted how the industry has changed and is still changing along with the importance of understanding how regulations and policy at the national and international levels influence their requirements for the future.

This school has been a training institution for the hospitality industry for over 40 years and are able to take their training beyond the classroom and into the real world. They highlighted the importance of securing customer loyalty, satisfaction and the image for staff at all levels which should be trained for shaping the future and keep up with future trends.

There is major growth requirements for the overall hospitality industry be it hotels, travel, events, transport or whatever involves the hosting of the public. Even within this industry, technology is helping transform it in all areas.

The economy is playing a major role in consumer mind-set which is enabling technology to change the next generation of customers and how they support and expect to be treated now and in the future.

Current students and those considering this industry for their future careers have to be tech-savvy and keep up with market trends. It is now forecasted that there will be a need for over 200,000 more people in this industry within the next 5 years or so.

This school is fast developing business partnerships in the commercial world as a way of introducing more needs for research in many linked areas to enable them to expand the needs for organisations and to be able to support external providers and their needs for both short and long-term investors.

It was underlined that New Zealand will be seeing a new profile of the hospitality and infrastructure industries over the next few years.