MOU with Next Logistics Technology

19 June 2017

On 6 April 2017 the Centre for Supply Chain Management had the pleasure of hosting a visiting trade delegation from Next Logistics Technology (NeLT), Tongyoung, South Korea, who are also a part of the Korea Maritime Institute.

The delegation had arrived to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between CSCM and NeLT. This has now introduced an opportunity for the two organisations to promote and develop co-operation and action, upon the principals of equality.

It will enable us to exchange facility members, organise joint research projects, joint symposia conferences and workshops; exchange research materials, publications and information; develop joint certificate programmes in supply chain management and logistics; and submit jointly authored research articles to respective journals.   

The MOU was signed on 6 April and is valid for a period of five years.

This was signed by Professor Sung-Jim Kim and Professor Tava Olsen. There were eight visiting delegation members and eight representing CSCM.

Following the MOU signing, delegation members presented papers highlighting the Korean logistics and supply chain issues which was followed by CSCM team member’s presentations on the New Zealand supply chain developments and the linked services that we are now addressing. These covered subjects such as added value of New Zealand supply chain strategy and the handling of its major products, The Supply Chain Best Practice’s, NZ Ports overview and Ports automation proposals.  

These presentations were followed by an open discussion around smart future technology and expectations of digital services and automations within the supply chain practice within New Zealand and South Korea.

On 7 April, CSCM arranged and hosted a tour of the Ports of Auckland which was very successful. Our visitors departed for home the following day with a far greater understanding and closer relationship with New Zealand along with an open invitation from both sides to continue to work together and visit each other’s country again to further advance the fast changing requirements of the global supply chain services.