Supply chain serving in a changing world

19 June 2017

In a fast-changing environment it has become very important that we should have the vision in our business to stop us heading in the wrong direction.

Most of us are now facing new global challenges, which has an increasing impact within the supply chain industries. Therefore, we should have the vision as a starting point which will provide focus, help us move forward and overcome any obstacles on the way.

This is just one aspect of today’s business fundamentals of supply chain management which is now connected with so many industries, it is sowing the seeds for growth.

Continued global expansion in strategic areas that offer opportunities to grow and bring better and more services to more people who need the supply chain services.

The focus of improving your organisation from inside-out will make you stronger and help us to expect to continue a strong momentum and prove your success is no accident by the fact you have faced a big challenge and increased your productivity.

Businesses must work together and share logistics information, to achieve further supply chain efficiencies in today’s fast-changing world. Having an action plan will enable you to develop and maintain innovation and have a healthy, safer environment to work in.

We must maximise our capabilities and enhance our management skills. This will help us become creative and develop forward thinking systems and implement innovative ideas as we go. This will help us work together with the required disciplines to meet the customers’ requirements to support long-term sustainability.   

Brian Stocking
Associate Director
Centre of Supply Chain Management
The University of Auckland Business School