Field visit to New Zealand Maritime School Simulation Centre

01 December 2017

CSCM organised an informative and enjoyable field visit on 25 October 2017, with over 20 guests visiting the New Zealand Maritime School.

We had a close insight into the up-to-date software and facilities of modern maritime operations.

In the heart of Auckland’s waterfront, New Zealand Maritime School Simulation Centre, the largest maritime simulator in the Southern Hemisphere, features the latest Transas NT-Pro 5000 software, to provide users with a great maritime training experience.

Shipping, logistics and freight are industries at the heart of a modern society. They play an increasing vital role in a world where international trade is expanding rapidly.

We viewed the Transas system that allows for  the uploading of highly detailed PENC bathygraphic information and external current databases, for precise manoeuvring and pilot training. Moreover, we experienced tide, different weather conditions and ship traffic during simulation, which creates a more realistic scenario for both the bridge watch-keeping assessment and advanced pilot training.

The centre operates seven full mission bridge simulators and has the ability to link the bridge to the full mission engine room simulator, which facilitates exercises with full berth-to-berth operations in most New Zealand ports, and a large number of major ports around the world.

This was a great CSCM field visit - our thanks to the team at NZ Maritime School.