Fresh insights into NZ Customs supply chain management

01 December 2017

On 28 November, CSCM hosted an interesting ‘After Fives’ event with keynote speakers Maurice O’Brien (Customs Manger Service Delivery) and Simon Williamson (Customs Manager Trade Assurance) from the New Zealand Customs Department.   

The New Zealand Customs Service protects and promotes New Zealand through world class border management, ensuring that lawful travelers and items can move across borders as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Our keynote speakers offered interesting insights into New Zealand Customs’ approach to Trade Assurance’s international supply chain verification and audit model.

They gave us a comprehensive overview of their processes, and how they gain compliance with broader security regulations, in order to secure the supply chain.

As well as controlling the end-to-end process, they are constantly striving to improve and simplify all aspects of the supply chain.

A very informative evening was enjoyed by all who attended, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our CSCM supporters for your ongoing support in 2017. We hope that our monthly events have been illuminating and entertaining.