Strategic Supply Chain Management 2018 programme

28 March 2018

Co-designed with the Centre for Supply Chain Management and leading NZ business executives, this is a dynamic programme that actively develops mid-career professionals to take on roles as strategic supply chain leaders.

The focus of the programme is on building skills and knowledge about how to lead across the whole supply chain to drive increasing value end to end. Participants engage in a range of activities to develop a whole of business view and understand how the different parts of the supply chain can work better together.

Supply chain peers from a range of organisations work together with Faculty and mentors to design solutions to challenges they face. They also learn what CEs and Boards want from their supply chain leaders and how to influence the business proactively.    

Delivered part-time over five months the programme includes four modules of two or three days each scheduled for:

13-15 June 2018 (3 days)

25-27 July 2018 (3 days)

6-7 September 2018 (2 days)

18-19 October (2 days)


Each module includes a mix of:

  • Interactive workshops with senior Graduate School faculty or professional facilitators
  • Site visits (e.g. Foodstuff, The Warehouse, Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, NZ Defence Force, DHL, Fonterra) to see and explore the real challenges of implementing each of the supply chain opportunities discussed within the programme.
  • Leading industry speakers
  • Business simulations and participative exercises
  • Delivery of a strategic project to improve the performance of the sponsoring organisation
  • Mentoring and support from seasoned supply chain experts
  • Peer group interaction between modules
  • Readings and case studies
  • Self-directed study and reflection


Eligibility: Participants should currently be in a supply chain management role, or one of the functions that contribute to a supply chain. They aspire to move into a senior leadership role in supply chain within the next five years and have a minimum of 5 years industry experience and at least two years in supply chain, logistics, procurement or functional roles

The benefits for individuals and organisations are substantial:

Participants form a view of how they can progress in their career and the capability they will need to do it. They are able to:

  • ‘Look inside’ some of NZ’s leading companies and learn how they are meeting their challenges
  • Discuss how the industry is changing and identify trends that will shape the future of work
  • Meet peers and leaders with whom they can form strong and lasting relationships
  • Be mentored and coached by leading practitioners and faculty members
  • Undertake a strategic project designed to make a real difference to their organisation

The organisation will reap quantitative and qualitative benefits from the work done on their strategic initiative.  They will also achieve greater leadership bench strength that reinforces their succession pipeline. Over the longer term they will continue to have access to diverse networks across organisations including with research academics, other leaders in business and government and the University of Auckland Business School itself.of creating a competitive advantage for their organisation and fast tracking personal


For more information contact:

Felicity Lawrence

Phone: +64 9 923 6350
Mobile: 021 492388

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