An evening with CSCM and Alan Day

14 June 2018

On Monday 9 April, we were fortunate to have Alan Day as our keynote speaker, who was travelling from London.

Alan is the Founder and Chairman of State of Flux the world’s leading specialist supplier management organisation. He has written nine books on supplier management and State of Flux’s annual research on this topic has become the global standard.

Alan is a frequent speaker on procurement, supply chain and supplier management and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Times, FT, Supply Management, Procurement Leaders and many others.

He has an expert view of the changing nature of procurement and supply chain and what it takes to implement and embrace supplier management. His experience with starting and growing State of Flux into a global brand is unique with offices in London, Geneva, Chicago, Sydney and Melbourne as well as working with global brands like Mars, IBM, McLaren, Australian Defence Force, HSBC and BBC (to name just a few).

Alan highlighted the SRM journey by addressing the importance of Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and what it means to deliver entrepreneurial SRM. He introduced the six pillars of SRM, as value, engagement, governance, people, technology, and collaboration and discussed the global SRM maturity regarding these six pillars.

Over 55 people attended the event, with a very informative presentation followed by a Q&A session, ending networking drinks and nibbles.