An interesting visit to DHL Supply Chain

14 September 2018

On Tuesday, 14 August, we had the opportunity to visit DHL Supply Chain’s premises in East Tamaki to experience a large scale, real world supply chain operation.

Throughout the tour we were shown a wide variety of solutions implemented by DHL that really impressed us. Many of these were ideas that seemed simple or obvious only after we had seen them, such as their hands-free, voice-controlled picking system.

Their solution for congestion in the warehouse (a custom heat-map software package) was also noteworthy. It provides an easy way to manage congestion around the facility, creating a more efficient workflow and a safer environment for employees.

Perhaps the most impressive was the integration of an inventory management system that automated many aspects of the warehouse, including optimising the placement of items within the warehouse, monitoring inventory in real time, and much more.

Beyond technology, it was clear that theirs was a friendly workplace environment; we learnt that even among temporary workers they have a low turnover, reducing the need for constant training of new hires, and increasing efficiency.

We really enjoyed the opportunity to tour DHL’s warehouse. It provided valuable insight into how a truly scalable operation works in real life.

Thanks to the University of Auckland’s Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) for arranging this visit.

Moses Tam, Mitchell Laurie and German Verner
INFOMGMT 394 “Business Analytics Capstone” students