From the Associate Director’s desk, September 2018

14 September 2018

Welcome all to the third edition of this year’s Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) newsletter. The Centre has been busy with activities, including speaker and industry site visits, as well as planning for greater integration of the Business School’s Supply Chain resources, with a view to augmenting Supply Chain capacity and coordination with the industry. As part of this, we have integrated the advisory boards of CSCM and the Strategic Supply Chain Management Programme managed by Felicity Lawrence, and will hold the first meeting of this new board before the end of the year. If you were not aware of this executive programme, Felicity’s article gives a good insight into the learnings on offer and the benefits to you and your business.

On the 20 June, Kate Nichol from State of Flux flew in from Melbourne to give a very interesting talk on sustainability in the supply chain, focusing on the human (and often overlooked) element of this broad subject, and the rapid impact on businesses downstream if their supply chains are corrupted by unethical work standards. During Kate’s talk we also trialed our first livestream, which went very well.

More recently we were very fortunate to go to DHL and tour their facilities and you can read the article written by the some of the students who attended. A speed networking evening for ISOM students, sponsored by PWC, was held on the 9 August and was “a triumph of connections” for Srikar Dutt, as you will see from his article.

Visiting Professor Yanhui Li writes about the streamlining transformation that China’s retail supply chain has gone through because of better cooperation and organisation, and the included TED talk highlights just how rapidly and extensively this transformation is occurring across all sectors in China.

PhD candidate Caity Butcher has written a very interesting article about the challenges and opportunities for wind generation in New Zealand’s electricity landscape. Finally, Professor Tava Olsen tells us about the Production and Operations Management Society conference she and others from ISOM attended in Houston, Texas, as well the Manufacturing and Services Operations Management (MSOM) conference in Dallas, Texas.

I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter and also hope to see you at a CSCM event soon.

Marcus Rinaldi
Associate Director, CSCM