Professional development tailor-made for supply chain managers

14 September 2018

If you are a mid-level manager in a supply chain role aspiring to an executive role, how do you upskill yourself to achieve your goals?

The supply chain profession is notoriously lacking in clear development options beyond what is needed to build foundation supply chain practices.

Conferences, seminars, talks, company-based and topic-based training abounds, but what about more strategic development that enables people to lead and manage more successfully across the whole supply chain?

CSCM and the UoA Executive Education team partner to deliver just such a programme. The Strategic Supply Chain Management Programme has matured since 2014 into a programme that can meet the needs of mid-level supply chain professionals wondering “What’s next?”

Co-designed with an advisory group of the most senior supply chain leaders in New Zealand, this programme is unique in that it is designed to build leadership skills in the specific context of the supply chain profession. The programme is run over seven months in four modules of 2-3 days each. The value to the individual, their company and the supply chain profession is immense.

Imagine being with 10-20 other people who understand what you are talking about; who understand the issues you are facing; who know that supply chain practices create or destroy a company’s profitability. Imagine being mentored by one of the most successful supply chain leaders in the country… Working with your peers in collaborative ways… Learning how the most outstanding supply chains in the world really work. Imagine mapping out your career with knowledge of what’s possible and being supported to be the most effective supply chain leader you can be.

That is what we have set out to achieve in the Strategic Supply Chain Management programme. Facilitated by leading academics and researchers, with the input of leading business leaders and practitioners, this programme is for people who want to rise to the top of their profession.  It will help you build the network of colleagues, experts, leaders and companies that will support and challenge you in your career. It will enlighten you about what the future looks like and where you could be in it.

Here are some comments by this year’s participants:

“I was very impressed with everything”

“Great, happy I decided to come”

“It was a 'full-on' three days, so a good balance was achieved of presentations, simulation, trip and speakers”

 “Time well spent, enjoyable learning experience with lumps of fun dropped in!”

For more information, visit our website: Strategic Supply Chain Development

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Felicity Lawrence
SSCMP Manager
Executive Education
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