Two conferences in Texas, 2018

14 September 2018

One of the benefits of a university career is the opportunity to attend international conferences, which is important for staying up with research in the field and disseminating one’s own work. The University of Auckland had good participation at two recent conferences in the US.

In May, the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) held its annual conference in Houston, Texas. The theme of the conference was Expanding Boundaries of POM. Plenary talks included When to Embrace Sustainability in Business (and When Not to), by Professor Yossi Sheffi, MIT, and Unleashing Supply Chain with Engineering Data & Analytics, by Alex Brown, Vice President, Supply Chain, Xilinx.

From the University of Auckland, Dr Valery Pavlov presented a paper titled “Boundedly Rational Decision-Makers Make Poor Choices? Use Blinders to Keep Them on Track.” Although not able to attend himself, two of Dr Jaeseok Lee’s co-authors presented papers titled “Knowledge Outsourcing for Multiple Buyers” and “Killing Environment to Save the Environment: The Impact of Environmental Management Systems on Energy Productivity.” Finally, two of our recent Centre alumni, Dr Quan Zhou (Lecturer, Massey University) and Dr Xiaoyan (Miya) Qian (Assistant Professor, Dongbei University of Finance & Economics, China) also presented their research, which was jointly conducted with Professor Tava Olsen.

Professor Olsen was back for another dose of Texas in July, when she attended the Manufacturing and Services Operations Management (MSOM) conference in Dallas. This was a smaller conference with under 500 participants, mostly academics from top business schools around the world. The plenary was given by Professor Serguei Netessine from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, titled “A Vision of Responsible Research in Business and Management.” He also presented Vision 2030 from the Responsible Research for Business and Management network, where “in 2030, business and management schools worldwide are widely admired for their contributions to societal well-being.” This is a vision we can all get behind.

Professor Tava Olsen
Director, CSCM