Collaborating to improve our health and safety in the supply chain

14 March 2019

The Government released its 2018-2028 Health and Safety Strategy late last year. If you haven't read it yet you can find it using this link; it’s an easy eight-page read.

A strategy for everyone

The strategy actually says that it is a ‘strategy for everyone’ – everyone has a part to play in keeping each other safe at work.

It also talks about turning strategy into action, detailing actions like ‘some groups may wish to pull thinking together’ and ‘for example some sectors or industries might develop a plan with others’.

That means sharing ideas, successes and challenges with other businesses similar to and also different from yours.

Sharing ideas, successes and challenges could also save you money.

Surely there is no IP in keeping people safe, so what’s stopping us from collaborating more and sharing ideas more to keep our people safe? Good safety is also good for your business, so surely collaborating is a good idea?

Collaborating on safety solutions and initiatives could actually save you money; e.g., you may not need to go to the expense of trialling an idea when the problem has been solved before, or you can share costs with other businesses when trialling or implementing a new idea.

Some of the safety challenges that businesses face have been solved dozens if not hundreds of times before.

Leadership in safety - it’s up to all of us

It is up to every individual and business and sector to step forward and show leadership, and sharing with other businesses is one way to show that much needed leadership in keeping our teams safe.


Liz May
Former General Manager of Logistics