Feedback from the 2019 Strategic Supply Chain Management programme - Module One

25 June 2019

Feedback from the 2019 Strategic Supply Chain Management programme - Module One (22-24 May).

The aim of this experiential programme is to equip ambitious, mid-career supply chain professionals with the skills to meet the challenge of increasing complexity across supply chains and networks. Participants expand their capability to think strategically and make value-driven decisions. They develop an enterprise leadership mindset and skills for communicating and collaborating with other business leaders across their organizations.

Alongside the modular components of the programme, participants identify - with the help and support of their manager and assigned mentor - a strong business-led project that will have a sustainable impact on their organisations.  This must work with a real business need and be supported through analysis and research. Wait for September to hear about how participants did in their presentations back to a panel of experts in the final module!

Feedback on Module One was very positive and module two is a month away.



"Loving it. Thanks to the Team at AU."

"All the guest speakers were awesome. Connecting with the advisory group is invaluable."

"Really enjoyed Daniel's coverage of strategy development and Ian giving us a base around how to structure projects with a value tree."

"The dinner at Non-Solo was excellent. The advisory panel and workplace speakers really add value!"


"I totally enjoyed this module, and the new learning. I was totally reinvigorated when I returned to work. "

"I very much enjoyed module 1. There were a number of enlightening moments for me. I am looking forward to locking down the final context of my project and seeing if I can use this programme as a key influencer in making positive change during the period of change our organisation is in."