From the Director's desk, June 2019

25 June 2019

Welcome to the second edition of Supply Chain Link for 2019. We hope you are doing well and have found time to come to one or two of our recent events.

In this newsletter, we will profile a couple of members and you will read about the events we had since the last newsletter. Marcus Rinaldi, our Associate Director, invites you to join our LinkedIn group. Also, we are trying to link you to some content we think you might find interesting. In particular, we have linked to the interesting article from Tim Mohin, Chief Executive of the Global Reporting Initiative about how supply chain transparency is important for businesses. You can also read about supply chain collaboration and blockchain, which is a topic that many of us in the Centre are trying to stay current with in our research.

On the topic of her research, Dr Julia Kotlarsky, a Professor in the Information Systems and Operation Management (ISOM) Department, discusses her perspective on multi-sourcing of IT and business services, with or without a guarding supplier. Further, Jaeseok Lee a lecturer in the ISOM department tells us about the Production and Operations Management Society conference he and others from ISOM attended in Washington, DC. Lastly, you will read some participants’ feedback from our 2019 Strategic Supply Chain Management Programme’s first module – it’s off to a great start.

In April, the Centre for Supply Chain Management held an informative event with Mark Powell, Adjunct Professor from the Graduate School of Management who has a long executive career in business, logistics and retail in Europe, North America and Australasia. In June, the centre invited Roger Gray, Group General Manager Airports to highlight sustainable aviation supply chain practices in Air New Zealand.

The centre is planning new activities in the next few months. Please watch your email and do feel free to forward our announcements to anyone you feel may be interested.

Warm Regards,


Professor Tava Olsen
Director of the Centre for Supply Chain Management