Join us on LinkedIn

25 June 2019

Earlier this year CSCM launched a closed LinkedIn Group dedicated to promoting supply chain discussions, themes and activities specifically for the New Zealand supply chain sector. Supply Chain Knowledge Network is made up of a mixture of professionals, researchers and students and to date, we have more than 130 people in the group. From the Centre’s point of view, we wish to present academic research, knowledge and activities to the professional sector so that it can engage with us further. From the supply chain sector’s perspective, the LinkedIn group can be a forum where discussions can be had, questions asked, issues raised and connections made. Once you are part of the group please feel free to engage with it. Here is the link to join if you are not already in it:

On a technical note, LinkedIn’s algorithm will only show you notifications from the group once it can see you are accessing the group regularly. This means that to begin with you need to actively go to it until the pattern is recognised. If you have any questions or comments about the group please get in touch with me:

I hope to see you there.

Marcus Rinaldi
Principal Advisor Business Productivity and Sustainability
Associate Director - The Centre for Supply Chain Management
The University of Auckland Business School