Welcome to our newest donors

20 March 2014
Chad Danswan and Chris Lin
Chad Danswan (BProp/LLB Hons 2004) and Chris Lin (BProp/BCom 2009)

Two new annual fund donors to the Business School, Chad Danswan (BProp/LLB Hons 2004) and Chris Lin (BProp/BCom 2009) are recent property graduates. They share some reflections on what made them decide to take action to support the school.

“On reflection, I probably didn’t fully appreciate my lecturers and the access I had to such current research when I was at University,” says Chad, Founder of Danswan Law.

“I have a lot of time for the department and the Head, Associate Professor Deborah Levy. It wasn’t until I was out in the working world setting up my own business that I realised the importance of the networks the department had set fellow graduates and I up with. It was because of their support that I wanted to give something back.”

It was a similar reflection for Chris, Development Manager at McConnell Property. “I received the annual appeal email from the uni, and it crossed my mind that where I am today career-wise was no doubt in part due to the University, so I thought that it would be appropriate to give something back, even if just a small nominal amount to begin with, that is well within my financial means.”

Those networks and connections with industry, and industry leaders, gave Chad and Chris a very real appreciation of the practical world of property. It also reinforced the power of relationships. Both Chad and Chris retain their relationship with the department, visiting often as guest lecturers and mentoring students. In Chad’s case, he has just completed his fourth year lecturing on property law. 

“I love it – it’s not hard work because I enjoy it – though with now being a first-time dad, I do find I need to be even more organised with my time,” says Chad.

Chad responded to this year’s annual fund letter with a first-time donation. 

“I’d seen the letters in the past, but this one really resonated with me. It was real and connected. It triggered me to donate,” said Chad.

For Chris, he wasn’t surprised to receive a letter. “I think the contributions of Sir Owen Glenn and other donors listed on the wall is a great reminder that this is a worthwhile cause and I was happy to be able to play a part, no matter how small, in it.”

For both Chad and Chris, their experiences as students reinforced the concept that a good education is the place to start – and the Owen G Glenn Building being so modern was a pretty good deal too.

“Being made to think outside the square and having to justify your position in discussions was probably one of the most important skills we were taught,” says Chad. “Property is a practical world – it’s not necessarily about getting straight As. Our tutors gave us a ‘can do’ attitude and supported us when we were feeling a bit bruised. I couldn’t think of a better place to connect with and support.”

The University of Auckland Business School sends an annual letter to alumni seeking support for scholarships and other faculty projects. Annual fund donors are the life-blood of the University and provide valuable funds for today’s students.