Giving feels really good

18 June 2014
Alistair Dunlop
Alistair Dunlop, Business School annual fund donor

After 26 years out of the academic world, returning as a mature student was quite a frightening experience for annual fund donor Alistair Dunlop. However, it is a decision he has never regretted and one that has led him to be a regular donor to the Business School.

“When I was first contacted by the University regarding support, it immediately took me back to my time as a student in the mid-1990s and the amazing opportunity it created by enabling me to make a real ‘step change’ in my career path,” said Dunlop. “Knowing that I could contribute in some way to help others achieve their goals and their future is very satisfying to me.”

Dunlop, a qualified chef, realised that to take the next step in his career would require him to challenge himself in a new context. He undertook a Diploma in Business (Operations Management) which “took a lot of discipline and many hours of hard work, but resulted in a real turning point in my career”. Dunlop said he found it “motivational” as he completed each paper - each “pass” result helped him push himself further.

Asked why he donates to the Business School, Dunlop said: “It is very satisfying, as this gives me a way of contributing towards someone’s future, just as I had been given the opportunity. It feels really good.”

Dunlop is part of the executive management team as General Manager Compliance with Alpha Flight Services based on the Gold Coast. The company owned by a UAE-based company is a major player in the Australian inflight catering industry with a team of more than 1,400. With more than 40 years’ experience in the workforce, his current role entails direction and control of Alpha’s integrated safety management systems.