Inspired futures

09 September 2014
Tai Truong and Akshay Bassi
Tai Truong and Akshay Bassi, inaugural recipients of the alumni-funded Inspiring Futures first year scholarship

Going to university is a natural extension to education for many, but for some New Zealanders that is not the case. Financial stresses can see dreams abandoned, but sometimes dreams do come true. Alumni donors to the Business School’s Inspiring Futures Scholarship for first-year students have ensured two young scholars can now live their academic dreams.

Tai Truong, a former student at One Tree Hill College, and Akshay Bassi, from Papatoetoe High School, are first-year students studying Accounting and Finance. Both students moved to New Zealand with their families as youngsters and had to grapple with living in a new country, learning a new language and fitting into a new culture. 

“As an immigrant and a relative new comer, I cherish and have loved the opportunities that Auckland has offered me,” says Akshay. “I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my sister, who is my role model, and pursue a career in business. This scholarship has made that happen for me.”

For Tai, coming to the University has allowed him to dream bigger than he thought possible.

“My family doesn’t come from money and my parents are both unwell and unable to work, but we do come from a line of honest, hard-working people who are willing to prove themselves with power, determination and discipline,” says Tai. “By being awarded this scholarship you have eased the financial worries I have placed on my family and me.”

But it’s not just the financial support that the scholarship has provided the students. Akshay says: “You have provided me with your confidence in my abilities so I am motivated to work even harder to attain a higher GPA.” For Tai, “to be awarded (with the scholarship) has meant the world to me – it is a humbling honour to have your scholarship under my name.”

The Inspiring Futures Scholarship Fund enables the University of Auckland Business School to ensure the largest number of talented and deserving students can gain access to an education in business and economics regardless of their financial circumstances or ethnic background.

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