Scholarship furthers research into governance and company performance

09 September 2014
Jeremy Beckham
Jeremy Beckham

Sometimes good things take a while to come to fruition. This was the case for the ASB/NZ Shareholders Association PhD Scholarship which has, after five years, finally been awarded to doctoral hopeful Jeremy Beckham (BCom Hons 2011).

“I’d been wanting to study for my PhD for a couple of years, however funding has always been a barrier,” said Jeremy. “It was always part of my plan - finish my honours degree, work with one of the top four accounting companies, gain experience, and then somehow find a way to come back to academe. So with the support of ASB, the New Zealand Shareholders Association and my employer Deloitte, I’ve been able to finally make this happen.

“I always loved the Commercial Law papers I studied so the particular focus of this scholarship fits with my frame of reference really well – and it is in a field where I hope I can contribute the most.”

The scholarship funded by ASB and the Business School was initially facilitated by the New Zealand Shareholders Association (NZSA). Jeremy will be completing a 600-hour research project for the NZSA over the three years, as well as a 300-hour research project for ASB. The main purpose of the scholarship is to further research, and the dissemination of that research, in the field of corporate governance and capital markets, with a particular emphasis on implications for New Zealand business.

“The New Zealand investment community is desperately short of independent research on matters of governance, company performance, investor rights and relations,” said John Hawkins, NZSA Chairman.

“The full NZSA board met with Jeremy shortly after we confirmed the scholarship. He is a very impressive individual who we think will be well suited to doing some relevant research of interest to us and will also contribute to his PhD research and have cross-over value.”

ASB is a key supporter and major sponsor of the Business School – it was a founding sponsor providing $3 million when the school initiated its “Building a World Class Business School” campaign back in 2002, and has for many years supported an undergraduate scholarship for the Information Systems and Operations Management Department.

“We want to help Kiwi businesses keep up with their ambitions and build a stronger New Zealand economy,” said Mark Graham, Head of Community and Sponsorship. “Being aligned with the University of Auckland Business School with access to leading research means we can be more relevant to our clients providing leading-edge research knowledge to help them succeed faster, better and more efficiently. It really is a win-win-win relationship. We are looking forward to working with Jeremy on his research topic.”

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