The Business Course

01 September 2017

Sir John Key, celebrity chef and restaurateur Josh Emmett, and Business School Dean Professor Jayne Godfrey are among mentors taking turns pairing up with Business School students for a round of golf, teaching them a bit about ‘the game’ while playing the game over the space of six Sundays. The Business Course is about introducing golf to a new generation while giving students the chance to learn from and network with business leaders.

Dr Mike Lee, a senior marketing lecturer, says businesses say they want graduates that are not only book smart but also people smart. “We provide as many opportunities as possible to ensure all students get a chance to develop these soft-skills, and this initiative is a truly exceptional opportunity for our students,” he says.

“We all believe in diversity and inclusiveness. There is probably a perception that golf is a sport for middle aged white males, and that only white males do well in business. That is why it was really important for us to select a diverse group of students and, with the help of New Zealand Golf, pair them with a diverse set of mentors. Both parties want to break the stereotype that golf (and business!) is only of interest to old white men.”

Students will graduate from the programme at an event held alongside New Zealand’s first LPGA event, the MCKAYSON New Zealand Women’s Open on 1 October.

The course will run from 20 August – 24 September at the Remuera Golf Course.