Tuning in to the millennial mindset

16 August 2017
Paul Rataul portrait
BCom graduate Paul Rataul

Millennial career consultant Paul Rataul recently graduated with a conjoint Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance, Economics and International Business.

On top of his considerable workload, he was Co-President of the Auckland Micro-finance Initiative, helping micro-finance organisations in New Zealand, Tonga, Bangladesh and Myanmar to empower poor and underserved communities to grow their businesses, by deploying a team of young and bright pro-bono consultants – an experience that helped to form the vision for his current coaching and mentoring business.  

Before he graduated in May 2017, Paul was offered two graduate roles in Sydney. But he was more interested in moving to London, and an offer from the Boston Consulting Group has been on his table for more than two years.

However, Paul has deferred taking up this offer in order to develop his career consultancy, Millennial Mindset.

Because they are the first generation to grow up immersed in digital technology and social media, millennials are often misunderstood by employers in the older generation, Paul says. They are often accused of being slackers and time-wasters, but he thinks this generalisation is mostly unjustified.

"Millennials are driven to create a positive difference in society and thus their values are often not fully aligning with their employers. I see this in many corporates that are failing to attract or retain the best millennial talent, and I believe there needs to be a massive revolution in how corporates do business if they are to survive. The firms that will thrive are those building on a strong set of core values that have a heart, are socially conscious, and promote a happy and productive work environment. This will bring lower recruitment costs, increased brand differentiation, lower employee turnover, increased work satisfaction and higher innovation and productivity."

During the last two years Paul has coached and mentored over 50 high-achieving university students and young professionals in Auckland, London, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. The result is that most of them have been successful in getting the job of their dreams.

Paul has presented his research and insights into the millennial mindset at three conferences in New Zealand, as well as to 100+ industry professionals, 300+ high school students and 10+ sports organisations.

Paul’s business is so well aligned with his values and vision that he has no plans at present to enter the corporate world. “Although I might take up the London offer to gain more skills and knowledge to bring back to my own business”, he says.