University of Auckland wins Marshall International Case competition

15 March 2017
Left to Right: Cameron Howarth, Diana Qiu, Matt McQueen Coach, Hannah Monigatti, Ru Bing Fu

The team of Ru Bing Fu, Diana Qiu, Hannah Monigatti and Cameron Howarth were crowned Champions at the Marshall International Case Competition (MICC) on Saturday 26 February 2017. The team was coached by case programme alumnus Matt McQueen and supported by long term benefactor of the case programme, Raymond Webb.

The case was focused on the future of INTUIT, the accounting software. The Auckland team determined the race to critical mass in each market would determine success and that the cost of customer acquisition would determine the who was successful in the race. With this in mind they set bold growth targets and exited some markets while investing in others. They were very specific about their customer acquisition plans.

The team faced strong competition from 17 other universities, with 9 from the US and 9 from international countries. In the preliminary round the team were drawn into a pool with Tsinghua and Washington University St Louis, after winning the judges’ approval on Saturday morning they proceeded to the final in the afternoon where they competed against the winners of the other pools; McGill, National University of Singapore, Indiana, Wharton, and the home team, USC. Once again the team won the favour of the judges with Indiana second and McGill third.

Due to the large number of US and international school participating, and the quality of the teams presenting, MICC is one of the preeminent competitions on the international circuit. Auckland has won the event three times; 2008, 2011, and now 2017. It is the only university to have achieved this.