Water is a precious resource

20 March 2017

Professor Basil Sharp is calling on New Zealand authorities to ensure that water is used wisely and economically in a new video released ahead of World Water Day on 22 March.

In the video, the Energy Centre Director delivers a reminder about the economic significance of water.

“Water is essential for the sustainability of our ecosystems.

“Auckland is likely to experience growth equivalent to three suburbs the size of Hamilton in the near future. This will require investment in infrastructure to meet demand and also to treat the waste.

“Dairy products are our primary export earner, now balance the foreign exchange earned by our primary sector against the outflow of foreign exchange that is associated with our importation of cars, petrol and so on.

“New Zealand is rightly proud of generating 80% of its electricity from renewable sources. Now the average household spends about $2,000 each year on electricity and 60% of this electricity comes from our hydro stations. Dams are like batteries and generate electricity that is a low-carbon source.

“Water is scarce in New Zealand and it has considerable economic value so let’s ensure that water is used sustainably and economically.”

Watch the video “Water is a precious resource” below.