Students learn hands-on cloud accounting with MYOB

04 July 2018
Martin Ma, University of Auckland Professional Teaching Fellow

Training that gives hands-on experience of popular cloud accounting software is helping prepare Business School students for future jobs. The University of Auckland partnered with MYOB to run the MYOB Essentials course in response to student demand.

By working closely with its education partners, MYOB was able to offer and support a  practical learning experience for a new generation of accountants and finance industry workers. The training closely mimics real-world business operations, allowing for flexible, student-led learning and helping future-proof students.

“Cloud-based computing will be more and more popular in the future,” said University of Auckland Professional Teaching Fellow Martin Ma.

“Accounting graduates will generally either work in a CA firm or in the finance team of a corporate entity. Either way, they will be involved in reviewing or preparing financial information. Having experience in an accounting software prior to graduation will help them to understand the data flows within an organisation, and make it easier for them to learn a new accounting software.”

Shailan Patel, MYOB Education Manager

He sees many benefits to students from incorporating this training in their coursework, including access to the latest software, exposure to industry trends, access to MYOB-sponsored events, and the ability to inform MYOB product development with constructive feedback.

“Students are likely to gain more marketability if they are experienced with MYOB products.”

In return, the company is gaining useful insight and feedback on one of its key products, said MYOB Education Manager Shailan Patel.

“Our new partnership programmes with the University of Auckland have been thoroughly rewarding – on a personal level, as well for our business,” he said.

“It’s been inspiring to see students exploring MYOB Essentials and learning how to get the most from it. We’ve also received rich feedback that we can use to help shape the future of our software and the future of these partnerships.”