Owen Glenn shares his thoughts on New Zealand’s economic state

16 August 2011

Expat Kiwi billionaire and generous philanthropist Owen Glenn recently penned a series of articles, on the nation’s economic positioning in the lead up to the election, for a series in the New Zealand Herald.

In the first of the series Glenn raises concerns that New Zealand politicians are involving themselves in plenty of initiatives that look and sound positive but don’t have much substance – he says he hopes they are just waiting for the right time to deliver the "meaty" policies but fears they simply lack anything with any substance. New Zealanders he fears seem to be suffering the same lack of vitality, get up and go.

Glenn then shares his views on the necessity for New Zealand to achieve exponential growth, particularly in its exports – an area in which New Zealand “tries hard but has incredible potential to do better".

He says though agriculture, horticulture, fishing or forestry industries remain our strong suit, we need to use science and technology to continue to innovate

In the third article of the series Glenn outlines why he thinks better management training is crucial. He is of the view that New Zealand desperately needs people with the skillsets, ideas and passion to allow the country to profitably connect with the world. We need people with entrepreneurial and management skills to grow existing enterprises and new start-ups into global markets, he says.

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