Study helps CEOs find the New Normal

22 November 2012

The biggest concern for New Zealand’s private sector CEOs is their rapidly shifting markets and keeping up with technology changes, a Business School study has found.

The New Normal report, authored by Dr Ann Hutchison, launched at law firm Kensington Swan on Monday evening after surveying 265 CEOs from different sectors across New Zealand to find out their most pressing challenges and risks.

The survey of CEOs was designed and analysed by Dr Hutchison, who was keen to understand what New Zealand CEOs consider their most important challenges and risks.

The top three issues facing private company CEOs are market shifts, access to finance and effective dialogue with stakeholders. Public company CEOs pointed to changes in the economic climate, partnerships including alliances and joint ventures, and government-led change and regulation as their biggest issues.

CEOs from not-for-profits are most concerned about changes in the economic climate, cost escalation and corporate social responsibility.

Kensington Swan commissioned Professor Peter Boxall’s team to carry out the study and it is now likely to become an annual survey.

Business School Dean Professor Greg Whittred says the motivation of this research was to better understand the risks facing organisations and to offer our perspective on how to address them.

“For the Business School, the aim was also to further inform research and teaching within our own new normal – the Graduate School of Management,” Greg says.

At the Auckland launch, Professor Jilnaught Wong and Professor Peter Boxall were part of an expert panel answering questions in front of 100 guests including CEOs, Business School faculty, Graduate School of Management staff and students, and MBA alumni.

The study will launch in Wellington on 28 November, with Ann Hutchison and Kaj Storbacka joining the panel to answer questions from a group including 30 public sector CEOs.

Read through the study results in The New Normal ebook