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The University of Auckland Business School and The New Zealand Herald have formed a partnership to produce a series of articles and video interviews featuring our academic staff, alumni and students to provide insight into important business issues in New Zealand.  

  • Is 'healthy' really good for kids?
    28 May 2018
    University of Auckland lecturer in health education Dr Darren Powell is leading the year-long study which will see a group of children wearing cameras to record what "healthy" marketing they are exposed to in their daily lives and how it affects them.
  • America's Cup "overblown"
    09 April 2018
    Politicians should stop using unrealistic economic studies to justify holding big events in NZ, says Economics Professor Tim Hazledine.
  • Millenials get a bad rap: experts
    26 March 2018
    Branded as poor workers, millennials are misunderstood - though some do need help from employers.
  • VR huge boost for NZ economy
    30 October 2017
    New Zealand can be a hi-tech superpower, as Israel has become, if it successfully catches the virtual reality wave sweeping the technology world, says a leading expert.
  • Housing crisis to end in tears
    09 October 2017
    Reigning in bank borrowing, rather than building more homes, may be the answer to Auckland's housing crisis, an Auckland property expert believes.
  • Workers treated like 'modern slaves'
    11 September 2017
    University of Auckland Business School researcher Dr Christina Stringer is keen to see New Zealand prevent worker exploitation, as well as adopt a Modern Slavery Act.
  • Baby seals help in health care
    28 August 2017
    A University of Auckland study shows the seal-like robots - which make cute baby seal noises and go by the name of Paro - may have a key role to play in the care and wellbeing of New Zealand's escalating number of dementia sufferers.
  • Team NZ show way to big business
    14 August 2017
    Emirates Team New Zealand's America's Cup success is a tremendous example of the power of creativity in business, says an expert in the art of creative thinking.
  • Potential break against killer disease
    30 July 2017
    A new cancer treatment developed by a team of University of Auckland scientists is being hailed internationally as a potential breakthrough in the fight against the disease.
  • Hearing loss may be dementia risk
    17 July 2017
    Some of the nearly 900,000 New Zealanders who suffer hearing loss could be at extra risk of developing dementia.
  • Lions should go cold on ice baths
    19 June 2017
    The Lions used ice baths to help prepare for their match against the Crusaders - but a leading university researcher says the touring team may not know the baths "make it worse" when it comes to healing athletes' muscles.
  • Lions tour will learn from UK bombinb
    07 June 2017
    The British & Irish Lions rugby tour officials will have taken steps to guard against the Manchester type of attack that killed 22 and injured 59, according to an internationally-renowned New Zealand security researcher.
  • "Healthy diet" bad for old people
    22 May 2017
    Professor Ngaire Kerse from the University of Auckland's School of Population Health co-leads a study which measures food intake in octogenarians and the connection to their quality of life.
  • Are screens affecting our brains?
    09 May 2017
    Bodo Lang, senior lecturer and deputy head of the marketing department at the University of Auckland Business School, says many people around the world have become overly dependent on their screens.
  • Are there too many managers in NZ firms?
    24 April 2017
    Research published in 2016 by Tim Hazledine, professor of economics at the Business School, looked at the "mystery" of why New Zealand chief executives are paid so much.
  • True cost of poor communication
    03 April 2017
    University of Auckland facilitator of the Executive Education course, Business Writing Skills, Nick Read discusses how clear communication can be achieved using a mix of evidence-based tools, techniques and strategies.
  • World hungry for NZ apple flour
    18 October 2016
    A revolutionary apple-based flour developed at the University of Auckland could be on the local market next year - as international demand skyrockets.
  • 'Rebel' students to beat robots
    10 October 2016
    Teaching creative thinking is needed in primary schools to help prevent people being replaced by robots.
  • Eyesight breakthrough helps kids to learn
    03 October 2016
    A major breakthrough in detecting eyesight problems in very young children has been made with revolutionary eye technology invented at the University of Auckland.