Our people

Meet our Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) members with links to staff profile directory pages where available.


Advisory Board members



Mark Brunton Air Force Logistics Commander, Defence Force
Gijs Faber Director, Supply Chain Consulting
David Lovatt Partner Management Consultant, Deloitte
Ian Mayes Auckland Regional Manager, Transpacific Industries Group; Service Supply Chain Manager, DB Breweries
Mike Richardson Managing Director, Maersk Line
Paul Robinson Chief Executive Officer, Soil and Rock Consultants
Craig Sain General Manager Commercial Relationships, Ports of Auckland Ltd

Research centre members

Arvind Tripathi, Acting Director

  • Online Markets, Social Networks
  • Supply Chain Management, Open Innovation

Professor Tava Olsen, Academic Director

  • Supply chain management, pricing and inventory control
  • Stochastic models of production, service and health systems
  • Analysis and control of queueing systems with setup times (polling models)

Professor David Robb, Faculty Associate

  • Supply chain improvement in systems with supply and demand uncertainty
  • Service-level/inventory tradeoffs - empirical and modelling approaches
  • Supply chain practice and performance in China

Associate Professor Tiru Arthanari, Faculty Associate

  • Alternative polyhedral approaches to solve difficult combinatorial problems in supply chain management, like the travelling salesman problem
  • Multivariate measurement systems
  • Interface between information systems and operations management
  • Human decision-making paradigms and gaps in market and economic modelling
  • Combinatorial optimisation problems in various fields including scheduling and routing in supply chain management

Dr Valery Pavlov, Senior Lecturer

  • Supply chain coordination
  • Behavioural operations

Ms Gabrielle Peko, Lecturer

  • Business process design
  • Supply chain management

Dr Anson Li, Lecturer

  • Human and artificial decision-making in complex systems

Dr Timofey Shalpegin, Lecturer

  • Incentive conflicts in collaborative product development
  • Models of supply chain coordination at product development stage
  • Early supplier involvement

Dr Lincoln Wood, Senior Lecturer

  • Operations and supply chains management in construction
  • Performance in logistics service relationships

Dr Quan (Spring) Zhou, Lecturer

  • Supply chain management and coordination
  • Humanitarian supply chain, nonprofit operations

Administrative staff

Alisha Rodrigues, Administrator


PhD students

Xiaoyan Qian, PhD student

  • "Developing a contract mechanism for agricultural marketing co-operatives"

Mojtaba Mahdavi, PhD student

  • "Supply chain strategy: further development on how to match product type with supply chain design"


Hendrik Reefke, PhD

  • Lecturer in Supply Chain Management, School of Management, Cranfield University

Yangyan (Peter) Shi, PhD

  • Director of Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Management, Business School, Changzhou University

Chin Boo Soon, PhD

  • Asia Pacific Sales and Technical Manager, BT9 International

Lincoln Wood, PhD

  • Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain Management, Graduate School of Management, The University of Auckland Business School
  • Adjunct Research Fellow at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia

Samsul Islam, PhD

Dusan Ku, PhD

Quan (Spring) Zhou, PhD

  • Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, School of Engineering & Advanced Technology, Massey University