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The Centre for Supply Chain Management (CSCM) is a multi-disciplinary research and education centre, founded in 2007 within The University of Auckland Business School.

Our mission is to develop and disseminate world-class knowledge and practices in supply chain management applicable to Australasian economies by fostering cooperation, collaboration and communication among academic researchers, educators and industry practitioners.

The Centre is committed to encouraging talent to the discipline of supply chain management, accelerating high-quality research and spearheading new ways to create and implement more efficient and cost effective supply chain management practices.

The Centre is based in the Department of Information Systems and Operations Management and is supported by a range of member companies and government agencies. It aims to develop and disseminate world-class knowledge and practices in supply chain management applicable to the kind of organisations that operate in New Zealand.

As a geographically remote but export-oriented country, supply chain issues are critical to New Zealand. Issues to do with the operation and development of New Zealand’s ports are obviously strategic to the country’s economic performance but so too are a range of issues to do with national and international transportation, with storage and stock management, with manufacturing performance, and with supply chain problems in industry clusters.

New Zealand needs more supply chain professionals to help the country prosper, so the Business School has set up the Centre for Supply Chain Management. We are looking to draw on the strengths of our Centre corporate members and industry supporters, to produce top quality, industry-focused graduates.

The Centre, in conjunction with The University of Auckland, promotes education in supply chain management and creates future researchers, managers and policy makers who will shape supply chain management both socially and economically for the benefit of New Zealand. The Centre is involved in undergraduate, postgraduate, internships and Short Courses through the Graduate School of Enterprise.