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BCom(Hons) dissertations and MCom theses 2009 to present

Read the list of titles of operations and supply chain management related dissertations completed by our students.

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Student name  Degree  Title  Supervisor(s) 
Ee Von Hong BCom(Hons) Collaboration in new product development Dr Tiru Arthanari
Suitaisa Fuavao MCom Exploring value chains in waste management Dr Tava Olsen and
Dr Hendrik Reefke


Student name  Degree Title  Supervisor 
Suitaisa Fuavao BCom(Hons) Exploring greening the supply chain in New Zealand SMEs Dr Tiru Arthanari
Julia Burtseva MCom Auckland freight transportation case study: effectiveness and efficiency of hub sharing Dr Tava Olsen
Leon Li BCom(Hons) Inter-organisational governance: Resolving the paradox Dr Tava Olsen
Rui Zhang MCom Supply chain risk - How lean is too lean? Dr Tava Olsen


Student name Degree  Title   Supervisor 
Heng Zhang (Tom) Wu  MCom A study of outcome-driven supply chains in New Zealand SMEs Dr Tiru Arthanari
Yuhua (Jennifer) Zhou  MCom How well are you looking after your suppliers? Dr Tiru Arthanri and
Dr Anson Li
Xiang Ning (Maggie) Zhu  MCom The collaborative supply chain management - understanding the meaning of collaborative relationships using an exploratory qualitative study Dr Ami Peiris and
Dr Anson Li
Wei (Derek) Wang  BCom(Hons) Offshore outsourcing – Encompassing a world of opportunities through comprehensive decision making Dr Tava Olsen


Student name Degree  Title  Supervisor 
Ling Ling (Brenda) Yang MCom Sustainable transportation management: Integrated modelling and support Dr Tiru Arthanari
Heng Zhang (Tom) Wu BCom(Hons) Gaps in the understanding of supply chain management among SMEs in New Zealand Dr Tiru Arthanari