PhD theses 1992 to present

Listed below are theses completed by past operations and supply chain PhD students for years 1992 to present.


Student name




Hendrik Reefke

Sustainable supply chain management: concepts, models and roadmap

  • Dr David Sundaram
  • Dr David Robb


Muhammad Aman Ullah

Enhancing the understanding of corruption through system dynamics modelling: a case study analysis of Pakistan

  • Dr Arthanari, Tiru
  • Dr Cathy Urquhart
  • Dr Anson Li


Lincoln Wood

Effective horizontal coordination: bridging the barriers to effective supply chain management

  • Associate Professor Tiru Arthanari
  • Dr Alan Stenger


Chin Boo Soon

Radio frequency identification: adoption of RFID in New Zealand supply chains

  • Dr Jairo Gutierrez
  • Associate Professor Jay Sankaran


Leith Oliver

Enabling business growth: key design elements for educational programmes aimed at enabling growth in owner-managed, medium-sized New Zealand businesses

  • Associate Professor David Sundaram
  • Dr Judith McMorland
  • Professor Darl Kolb


Matthias Roggendorf

Dynamic pricing of wireless network resources in a competitive provider setting

  • Dr Fernando Beltrán
  • Dr Jairo Gutiérrez


Anson Li.

Decision-making and interventions in complex systems: an empirical study

  • Associate Professor Kambiz Maani
  • Professor David Robb
  • Professor Cathy Urquhart


Qiang Lu

Using Systems Thinking to Characterize the Interface between Functions in Organisations

  • Associate Professor Kambiz Maani
  • Dr Susan Byrne


Michael Thornber

Application of ISO Quality Management Model to the Provision of Health Care Services

  • Associate Professor Kambiz Maani
  • Emeritus Professor John Scott


Zeev Berkowitz.

A methodology for business processes identification: developing instruments for an effective enterprise system project

  • Associate Professor Victor Portougal
  • Associate Professor Dan Trietsch


Michael John Thornber

Square pegs and round holes: application of ISO 9000 in healthcare 

  • Dr Kambiz Maani
  • Professor Sir John Scott


Catherine Elaine Palmer

Impact of extended operations objectives on professional service quality: an empirical investigation of customer-provider perspectives



Donald George Sluti

Linking process quality with performance: an empirical study of New Zealand manufacturing plants

  • Dr Kambiz Maani
  • Dr Martin Putterill