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CODE has hosted a number of international research fellows from North America, Canada and Europe. International visitors provide the opportunity for researchers to collaboratively share expertise and views with both academic and practitioner communities. We have provided links to staff directory or personal profile pages where available.

Marlies van der Wee

Research Fellow October 2013-February 2014

Marlies van der Wee is an international researcher from Belgium working in the area of FTTH deployment. Our PhD student submitted her final thesis in late October and is expected to have her degree conferred in 2014. CODE also facilitated the work of other graduate students by hosting them in our labs.


Ester López Berga

Visiting researcher September 2009-May 2010

Currently masters student at School of Telecommunications Engineering, Universitat Polytecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain.

Ester's research topics are:

  • Cognitive radios and dynamic spectrum management.
  • Supremacy in Broadband wireless access.
  • Long term evolution vs WiMax.
  • Dynamic Spectrum access allocation in next-generation wireless networks.

Dr Kate M Kaiser

March 2010

Dr Kate Kaiser, Associate Professor of Management (Marquette University Wisconsin, USA. Kate researches future IT skill needs and the impact of offshore outsourcing from Ireland, Russia and India through research grants from the Sloan Foundation, 3M Foundation and the US State Department as a Fulbright Scholar.

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Professor Virpi Tuunainen

Research Fellow, January 2009-May 2009

Professor Virpi Tuunainen is currently Professor of Information Systems Science and and Director of Aalto Service Factory at the Aalto University School of Economics, Department of Business Technology, Helsinki, Finland.

Professor Tuunainen's research focuses on:

  • ICT enabled or supported service innovations.
  • Electronic and mobile business and business models.
  • Software business and real-time economy.

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Professor Jose Luis Melus Moreno

Research Fellow, September 2008-March 2009

Professor Jose Luis Melus Moreno is a full Professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Telecommunications Engineering Department.

His present research interests include:

  • Network management.
  • Quality of service.
  • Planning networks.
  • Pricing telecommunications services.

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Riitta Hekkala

Visitor, March 2008-March 2009

Riitta Hekkala, University of Oulu, Oulun yliopisto, Finland. Riitta's research interest is information systems development and implementation work. Her major research focus is the emotional experiences within Information Systems (IS) projects ("lived" experiences of IT project team members). She also has a strong interest in the use of grounded theory in information systems.

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Christoph Breidbach

BIT Project Research Associate, October 2007-April 2008

Christoph Breidbach was Assistant Lecturer for the Department for Management and International Business at the University of Auckland Business School.

Dr Christoph Breidbach is now Postdoctoral Scientist at the University of California, Merced, California, USA.


Professor Jonathan Schroeder

Visitor, November 2007

Professor Jonathan Schroeder is the William A Kern Professor of Communications at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Professor Schroeder's research focuses on three main questions:

  1. How does visual communication create value?
  2. How can we understand the cultural aspects of brands, consumption, and communication?
  3. What is the relationship between strategy and style?

Professor Schroeder's research draws from art history, photography, and visual studies to develop an interdisciplinary, image-based approach to understanding consumer behaviour and how images create value. His books include Visual Consumption (2002) and Brand Culture (2006).

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Dr Janet Borgerson

Visitor, November 2007

Dr Janet Borgerson, the University of Exeter, School of Business and Economics.

Dr Borgerson's research interests are:

  • Existential phenomenology.
  • Ethical theory.
  • Consumer research.

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Michael Przybilski

Visitor, February 2007-August 2007

Michael Przybilski, Senior Lecturer, Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. His professional interests are component-based software architectures and their combination with context-aware computing.

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Dr Patrick Maillé

Visitor, January 2007

Dr Patrick Maillé, Assistant Professor at ENST-Bretagne in the Networks, Security, Multimedia Department, Télécom Bretagne (site de Rennes). Whilst at CODE, Dr Patrick Maillé and Dr Bruno Tuffin (the University of Rennes, Campus de Beaulieu, Rennes, France) worked on Pricing policies for competing wireless service providers.

Dr Maillé’s research topics include:

  • Game theory in networks.
  • Network routing games.
  • Auctions for network resource.
  • Network pricing.
  • Incentive mechanisms for resource sharing.

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Dr Bruno Tuffin

Visitor, January 2007

Dr Bruno Tuffin, INRIA researcher at IRISA, Rennes Bretagne-Atlantique, Campus de Beaulieu, 35042 RENNES Cedex, France. Dr Tuffin's research interests include the performance evaluation and the dependability analysis of network models. It is composed of methodological and application work including:

  • Information Systems.
  • Customer perceived value, commitment, loyalty, customer lifetime value in electronic services.

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