Hydrogen fuelled vehicles

06 December 2016

Making transport more sustainable through resource-efficient modes of transport that are less damaging to the environment is a leading challenge for most economies. Hybrids and electric cars are now available on the market and look to gain market share in the near future. Advances in the production of hydrogen fuelled vehicles is perhaps less well known and the following articles provide background on recent developments.

Japan Bets on a Hydrogen-Fueled Future

Japan is betting big on hydrogen and wants the rest of the world to join in. In March, the country’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry set a target of 40,000 hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles on its roads by 2020 and 160 fueling stations, up from the 80 hydrogen stations operating right now. The agency also set an 800,000 yen ($8,000) price target for household polymer electrolyte fuel cells by 2019.

Read the full article on the Scientific American website.

Smaller, cheaper Toyota Mirai fuel-cell car coming in 2019, company says

To increase the reach of its hybrid cars, Toyota launched the Prius C subcompact in 2012 as a smaller, less expensive alternative to the Prius Liftback that's the linchpin of its lineup. Now, Toyota says it may be planning to do something similar with its Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. The 2016 Toyota Mirai was launched last year in Japan, Europe, and North America.

Read the full article on the Green Car Reports website.

Toyota vs. Tesla – can hydrogen Fuel-cell vehicles compete with electric vehicles?

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCVs) appear to be making a comeback. But according to author, lecturer and entrepreneur Tony Seba, HFCVs can’t compete with electric vehicles. “The hydrogen economy would be a massively wasteful economy that would at best use three to six times more energy than an electric vehicle and solar/wind infrastructure and many times more water than even gasoline uses.”

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