Renewable resources

16 September 2016

New Zealand is indeed blessed with a hydro legacy, geothermal resources and wind as sources of renewable electricity. This endowment should be sufficient to meet both future demand and the government's target. Technology will contribute to both supply and demand. The emergence of residential solar will present challenges to local networks and market design. In some areas in the US roof top solar is a standard feature of new homes. Utilising renewable resources presents exciting challenges for policy, market design, academic research and community-based organisations. The following links provide insights into relevant topics.

Clean Power doing less with more

New Zealand has maintained a high share of renewable energy in the electricity sector during its transition from a state monopoly to a competitive electricity market. The development of hydro resources prior to industrial reform in the mid-1980s, coupled with the abundance of competitive low-carbon energy resources - especially geothermal and wind power - has certainly been an advantage.

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