Masters and honours dissertation titles

Listed below are dissertations on the topic of energy completed by past students for years 2006 to present, including title and the name of the supervisor involved.

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Student name

Title Supervisor(s)

Wairarapa Young

100% renewable electricity - Samoa's pursuit of complete fossil fuel independence in electricity generation

Bart van Campen

Rob Omeara

Market for mobile solar-hybrid PV systems

Bart van Campen

Caity Buther Benefits of a Smart grid 

Steve Poletti



Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Andrew Twort An empirical examination of consumer switching in retail electricity markets: A New Zealand perspective Erwann Sbai
Kade Sorensen Estimating hedge contract quantities for generation firms operating in the New Zealand electricity market Erwann Sbai

Jati Permana Kurniawan

Geothermal regulation and joint operation contracts in Indonesia

Bart van Campen

Andres Akamine

Reducing the risk of geothermal energy investment in Peru

Bart van Campen

O'Dane Daley

Wind farm optimization and economics in Jamaica

Bart van Campen

Roby Hermawan

Optimization of electricity network in South Sulawesi for long-term scenario using linear programming

Golbon Zakeri

Ben Barton   Yesterday’s bread – a culinary resource not worth selling  Steve Poletti


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Fudong Gao Empirical estimation of firms market power Erwann Sbai
Charles Lilly Time series study of public transport demand in Auckland Erwann Sbai
Myoung Kim Econometric study of the NZ government bonds selling mechanism Erwann Sbai

Victor Fuentes

Geothermal electricity generation in Chile: An analysis from the experience of New Zealand

Bart van Campen

Todd Douglas

Business models for more rapid domestic solar photovoltaic deployment in New Zealand

Bart van Campen

Guan Tay

Investigation into the grid integration issues of wind energy in the Pacific Island countries

Bart van Campen

Roy Ngunts Daggy

Potential for regulatory reform and increased competition in the electricity sector in Papua New Guinea

Bart van Campen

Gareth Webster

The competitive effect of transmission capacity in the 2025 New Zealand electricity market

Steve Poletti

Alina Smirnova Economics of feed-in-tariffs for renewable electricity generation in New Zealand Steve Poletti


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Qiu Nan Liang Estimating electricity consumption in New Zealand Basil Sharp
Gareth Webster Oil and gas development - Analysis of government royalty regimes Basil Sharp
Sandeep Parekh Resilience of New Zealand's energy infrastructure Basil Sharp
Fudong Gao How electricity demand responses to spot price Erwann Sbai
Jingjing Ji How to empirically estimate firms’ Market Power Erwann Sbai
Anna Lau The impact of swapping assets on electricity prices and share prices in New Zealand market Steve Poletti

Samantha Goodhue

Demand-side participation analysis of a large consumer in the New Zealand electricity market

Golbon Zakeri

Damien Sunny

On electricity dispatch for Papua New Guinea

Golbon Zakeri

Michael Leon

A financial transmission rights simulator for the NZEM

Golbon Zakeri/Tony Downward



Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Huu Tam Nguyen The impact of wind power on electricity nodal prices in NZ Basil Sharp
Eun Jin Cho Alternative methods for forecasting short-term demand in electricity market Erwann Sbai
Vladamir Kuzmanoski Can solar power increase the value of wind generation? Steve Poletti
Yewen Jiang Modelling electricity prices with hydro inflows and lake levels Steve Poletti
Yan Lau  Intermittent wind generation and electric cars in the NZ electricity market Steve Poletti

Ju Liu


Modelling the impact of climate change on the NZ electricity market

Steve Poletti

Himanshu Rawat

Modelling electricity prices with large amounts of solar generation

Steve Poletti (co-supervisor)



Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Huang Qi The direct use of natural gas in New Zealand for small users Bart van Campen
Oliver Browne Optimal emissions of GHG under stochastic catastrophic risk Basil Sharp
Tie Deng Pump storage, batteries and the NZ electricity market Steve Poletti
John Polkinghorne Modelling transport energy demand Steve Poletti

Bob Tieg

Pump storage in the New Zealand electricity market

Steve Poletti

Oliver Brown


The Economics of Climate Change Tipping Points

Steve Poletti



Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Alex John Simplying the national grid – finding a good model for research David Young and Golbon Zakeri
Alexander Yap Integration of private electric vehicles into the transportation fleet Basil Sharp
Ben Gusson Integrating wind generation in the New Zealand electricity market Steve Poletti and David Young

Isaac Rolfe

Auckland Transportation: Roading, Transit & Sustainable Development Steve Poletti and Basil Sharp
Jack Phattaprayoon Mobile phone termination charges or broadband infrastructure and access Steve Poletti and John Panzar
John Polkinghorne Factors affecting household demand for energy Basil Sharp
Julia Brown Pricing and asset valuation issues including New Zealand airports John Panzar
Karla Gardiner Optimal development of a geothermal resource Basil Sharp
Kin Chung Chan Evaluation of the Impact of Electric Vehicles on the New Zealand Electricity Market Steve Poletti and David Young
Kittiwut Phathraprayoon Telecommunication Regulation: Should Mobile Termination Access Services be Regulated? Steve Poletti and John Panzar
Lifeng Daisy Shen Vertical arrangements and market power in electricity markets John Panzar
Marcus Sin How to empirically estimate firms’ market power Erwan Sbai
Michael Hart New Zealand electricity market Erwan Sbai
Nada Al Saeed Climate Change and the Aviation Industry: A Review Steve Poletti
Rachel Li Evaluation impacts associated with wind farms and wave energy Basil Sharp
Robbie Turner A capacity market as part of the New Zealand electricity market design Steve Poletti
Tony So Evaluation of external impacts and implications associated with energy generation in New Zealand Basil Sharp
Veselina Pencheva Asset swapping in New Zealand Tony Downwards, David Young, and Golbon Zakeri


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Ankit Singh The economics of road building Steve Poletti
Karla Gardiner Forestry initiatives in carbon constrained world Basil Sharp
Michael Hart EU carbon markets EU Erwan Sbai
Richard Wilks Forecasting electricity spot prices Erwan Sbai
Robbie Turner Bilateral carbon trading Erwan Sbai
Sophie Joyce ABMS modelling in the New Zealand electricity market Steve Poletti and David Young
Ben Gussen The Impact of Wind Penetration on the New Zealand Electricity Market Steve Poletti and David Young
Steve Poletti and David Young


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Seong-jin Han

A time series analysis of Auckland bus patronage Using A Vector Error Correction Model

Aram Ter-Sarkisov Heuristic approximation of windfarm output using genetic algorithms  
Roger Stewart NZ ETS and the rejected carbon tax system: A comparison  
Jordan Ward Investing in carbon abatement: The gap between public economics and private investment realities  


Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Luca Ma Carbon credit exchange trading Basil Sharp
Mel Luen Forecasting electricity demand Erwann Sbai
Kenneth Gillingham Economics of distributed generation solar energy in New Zealand John Panzar and Steve Poletti
Aram TerSarkisov Modelling electricity prices Erwann Sbai




Student name Title Supervisor(s)
Jiani Wu Variation of electricity spot price in New Zealand: An empirical study and vertical integration in the New Zealand electricity market John Panzar
Renee Casin Investment incentive structures for electricity transmission and Transpower’s battle with the New Zealand Commerce Commission John Panzar